HIKVISION Seagate Surveillance

  • Seagate Surveillance HDD 1TB (ST1000VX001-520)
  • 1TB/
  • 64MB(6Gb/s
  • NCQ/5900RPM
  • /SATA3
  • 1.5 Year warranty



SEAGATE 1TB, 5900 RPM, 3.5″, SATA 1TB/64MB(6Gb/s NCQ)/5900RPM/SATA3


  • 1TB SATA
  • 6Gb/s
  • 64MB
  • 5900 RPM with 64MB DDR2 DRAM with optimized write caching surveillance algorithms
  • Tested and tuned for high write-cycle workloads typical in video surveillance storage systems
  • 24×7 operational capabilities while maintaining a high MTBF of 1M hours
  • 1TB-per-disk technology lowers cost/GB to support HD resolutions, enhanced performance and improved support
  • Seagate AcuTrac servo technology provides accurate read-write operation even in challenging operating environments
  • 2A current-limited startup to support the use of embedded system power supplies
  • Spin control features enable power-on in standby mode or drive spin-down to conserve power and improve reliability during archival periods
  • This surveillance HDD delivers reliability + rescue services. Should your data be lost, unintentionally deleted, or corrupted by viruses the data can be recovered with the new Seagate Rescue Services feature



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