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IT Gallery conducts ‘Hikvision Deep Learning Summit 2019’

IT Gallery, the leading distributor of video surveillance products and solutions and the national distributor for Hikvision in Sri Lanka, conducted the ‘Hikvision Deep Learning Summit 2019’ at The Kingsbury recently.

The Hikvision Deep Learning Summit 2019 introduced the IT Gallery partners into deep learning driven security service solutions, and the most modern smart surveillance solutions.
The participants were educated on the advantages of artificial intelligence and how it relates to video surveillance. They were further introduced on how deep learning algorithms convert video surveillance systems into authentic visual intelligence ecosystems that are capable of recognising and analysing events and advanced human behaviour with an accuracy and rapidity that were impossible hitherto, and unattainable by the human eye alone.

The deep learning related smart surveillance solutions cover human body analysis, human behaviour, people counting and facial recognition.

Apart from that, the LPR system with its unique features like number plate detection, no-plate car capture, motor bike capture, vehicle type, colour detection, car moving direction identification adds more value to the deep learning concepts.

The perimeter smart features include line crossing, motion detection and intruder detection which embody the wide expanse of solutions catered by the deep learning concepts. The participants were exposed to a wealth of knowledge on these modern concepts.

In addition to knowledge sharing, the event also functioned as a platform to recognise and reward the partners of the company from across the island for their achievements in the past year.

Representatives from the entire partner base of IT Gallery comprising over 350 entities from all regions of Sri Lanka were present at the event. These partners consist of regional distributors and solutions and system integration partners.

IT Gallery Computers (Pvt.) Ltd CEO Dilantha Perera said: “Hikvision has built a solid reputation in Sri Lanka and across the globe as the world’s largest manufacturer of video surveillance solutions. Therefore, we believe it is crucial that we educate our partners on deep learning driven security service surveillance solutions as an answer to one of the biggest necessities regarding video analytics; the inability to correctly identify objects in situations which appear trivial to the human observer. In this age, where CCTV cameras are implemented in all places with its importance has become evident in local context. As such, manual surveillance is tedious and time consuming. The anomalous or abnormal activity analysis in a crowd video scene is very difficult due to several real world constraints. However, through deep learning, in other words through intelligent automated video surveillance, powered by face recognition (FR) systems is a key application that will be incorporated to accurately detect the presence of target individuals over a distributed network of cameras.”

Further emphasising on the advantages of deep learning in video surveillance, Dilantha Perera added: “Through deep learning in security surveillance, we can also enable people counting, object recognition, action recognition, crowd analysis and finally violence detection in a crowd environment. This means that deep learning can now be used to solve the most crucial problem facing video analytics – object classification – by collecting many thousands of images from hundreds of surveillance cameras, which must first be manually labelled and classified by a human, into a range of categories that include: person, car, bus, truck, bird, vegetation, dog and many more.”

“I would like to extend my gratitude to our partners and congratulate them for their outstanding efforts throughout last year. Their hard work and commitment despite the turbulent security status of the country, proved much more on the importance of maintaining proper security surveillance. With the incorporation of deep learning driven security surveillance products, we are confident that more partners will want to join us so that they can be associated with a top global brand such as Hikvision,” added Perera.